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Finding the right automotive trade school

Getting the job you want after completing a vocational, technical or trade school may seem like a sure thing. But the truth is not all schools are equal, and the same can be said for any training they provide. Researching an automotive school and its courses before signing up will take time, but it'll help ensure all of your expectations are met in the end.

Practical learning experience

The best automotive schools offer a mixture of classroom and practical learning. Some have on-site facilities; in others students head off-campus to work in professional automotive shops. If hands-on experience is what you want, look for an automitve school that offers plenty of it, and make sure instructors are qualified professionals. Employees in the automotive world know their careers will involve a lifetime of learning. There are always new technologies and vehicles coming to market that will eventually need repair. An automotive school should offer relevant courses that are current within the industry.

Accreditation offers reassurance

Look for a trade school that's accredited by a reputable body; in this case the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). As with any kind of school, not all accreditation is equal, so make sure you know what to look for. This can include checking with the accrediting organization to ensure the school is up to date on all its requirements and making sure the standards for school's accreditation include more than just the school paying a yearly fee.

Finally, make sure the program offers the qualifications you'll need to get the right job. A good way to do this is by seeking out employers who are hiring for the job you'll eventually want and asking what education is suitable or preferred.